Are snakes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Cats are fond of hunting for their prey. Perhaps anything that wiggles or moves quickly keeps their adrenaline high all the time. But aside from chasing mice, you will at some point see a cat running after a snake because basically, not all snakes are dangerous to them. • Gopher snake • Rat snake • Corn Snake • Garter snake • Bull snake

In its most natural state

However, there are bigger and more harmful snakes in the midst that can eat cats, dogs, puppies, kittens and all sorts of small-domesticated animals. Let’s say there’s a roaming anaconda or a giant python in the neighborhood. These are the type of snakes your cat should be avoiding. Sadly, most cats (if not all) are not really afraid of their sizes. Instead of running away from a big snake, the cat would even run towards its potential predator. • Puppies and kittens are helpless in this situation • A python could swallow even a big cat

Install barriers

Household pets could encounter another danger if there are poisonous snakes in the surrounding. A snake’s venom can be deadly and it doesn’t matter what size of the snake we’re talking about. In that case, close surveillance is advised particularly for those who own a cat.

Seriously speaking

Venomous snakes are classified under 2 categories. The Crotalid variety look heavier(in terms of diameter) than other deadly snakes and also possess this triangle-shaped head and cat-eye appearance. As for the Copperhead, rattlesnake and cottonmouth, all of theseare classified underElapidsor the “pit viper” as what they call it. • The size of the snake has no significance to the amount of venom or its potency • The poisonous effect couldhappenso quickly(leading to the untimely death of the victim) • A venomous snakebite can cause internal bleeding, severe damage to the tissues as well asimpair both cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Final thoughts

Did you know that some pet owners are able to manage having a python and a cat in the same room? You can see these a lot on recorded videos wherein theyare being friendly and all that. Or maybe there wasn’t even a time when both are running after the same prey. But if they do, then who knew what might have happened afterward. • If you have a pet python, it is much better to have a separate area for it to roam and catch for something to eat (rat, bird, etc.) • Pets should always be monitored for possible snake bites

Are snakes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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