Do snakes have bones?

Snakes are unique creatures and they have a very fragile body. It is basically a body which seems as if it does not have any bone and it is just like a piece of meat in roaming on the ground and gliding through the way. Snakes are mainly found in the forests or in areas where there is a place to hide. They are also found in areas where there is pasture or greenery. There are a thousand species of snakes and they are known to be very dangerous animals. Snakes are known for their poisonous sting and some are known for their grasp which can easily kill people. Snakes are found in many designs and some have their own beauty. There are snakes like the rattle snakes which have a rattle-like end. Some are very long and fat and some are very thin. Every snake is known for its feature and every snake is dangerous. It is said that if a person is stung by a snake, a poisonous one, it can surely cause death. These creatures are very difficult to handle so, people are suggested to stay away from them.

Do they have bones?
Snakes are vertebrates and vertebrates are those animals which are known to have bones. It is really mind boggling to see that snakes have bones because a snake’s body is very flexible and it can twist itself like some piece of rubber or any flexible thing. A snake’s body has a huge number of bones. It has approximately up to 400 bones attached to the main bones which act just like a chord. These 400 bones are attached in such a way that it makes the snake extremely flexible. If we look at the skeleton of the snake we can see how the main bone is attached to the jaw. Then that bone goes further down and it gets attached to another bone which is in the main body. Then another bone joins and at the end comes the tail. If we look at it, this is just like the spinal cord. Every bone is covered with the meat and then the scale or skin which makes the body lethal and really strong. Yes, snakes do have bones and they also have a liver, lungs and intestines which go big as they keep eating. So, snakes are one very special creation which mesmerizes everyone.

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