Do Snakes Eat Birds?

Do you know Snakes are carnivorous animals that can eat different animals easily? Yes, eating small prey does not give snake stress to do as they usually swallow them without any hurdle. But when it comes to larger prey, snakes normally work hard to ensure the animal is completely dead before consuming it. For that reason, they usually either inject the animal with their venom or just crush the animal using their muscles. It is true that rodents like rats and others are the popular food for snakes, they can equally eat anything that come across to them including birds and other wild animals.

Snake and Birds
Snakes love to eat anything that comes on their way whenever they are hungry. For that reason, you should not be surprised when you find snakes eating up bird around your home. Some snakes can easily take advantage of your chicken in the chicken coop and continuously coming around when they want to eat. They can even inhabit a particular place where they find abundance of chicken so as to continuously feed on them whenever they are hungry.

Why Snakes Mostly Go To Bird Nest
There are reasons why snakes always go to bird nest while on top of a tree. In most case snakes may not bother struggling to kill adult bird as that will give them stress rather they will just settle for the eggs. Bird egg is another wonderful and attractive food to snakes and they can easily get attracted to a particular place when they notice availability of bird egg there.

Snakes and Baby Birds
If there are baby birds inside nest when snake visited they will serve as easy foods for the snake. That includes the baby chicken in your chicken coop. The snake will not even need to pass through stress to kill the baby bird as they will not fight back to the snake unlike adult birds that may either fly away or even fight back when snake want to kill it.

How Snakes Normally Kill Bigger Birds
The size of as snake will determine the size of birds it can kill. What snakes just need is to be long enough to coil through bird and they will strangle it to death without wasting time. They can equally use venom to kill birds.

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